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Nursing Beyond the Vital Signs

Nursing is so much more than simply popping a thermometer in a patient's mouth or recording a blood pressure. In my time as a nurse, I have participated in life saving efforts when time was critical, I have held a mother's hands when her newborn baby was being prepped for surgery, and I have looked into the terrified eyes of an elderly person in pain. Nurses literally go into battle, serving in military operations all over the world. They also learn and implement the latest in medical technology. This blog is to highlight nurses and prove that they deserve respect and appreciation for all that they do.

Buying Hearing Aid Features For Your Elementary School Student

Learning that your elementary school student is in need of a hearing aid, means that you will have to take the lead in selection. A child in school may need to have a hearing aid that is different than an adult hearing aid. Elementary school students especially need hearing aids that are easy to use and are highly resistant to moving to being smashed on the playground. Here are some possible features and extras that you should buy with in a hearing aid for your young student. 

Consider getting a hearing aid with a mic

To make sure that your child can sit anywhere in the class and still hear, you should consider a hearing aid with a microphone. Teachers can clip the microphone on the collar of the top of their collar before the class begins. This way even if your student is sitting in the back or is out in the field during physical education, they will be able to hear the teachers instructions. At the end of the day, have the student keep the mike inside of their school desk or locker so that they always have it for school purposes. 

Pick cute accessories

Wearing a hearing aid with an accessory can make the hearing aid more likable for your child. There are hearing aid dangle charms that look similar to earrings. Children who love earrings or enjoy wearing charm bracelets may find these to be more of a loveable accessory than a burden. For active children, there are headbands that can help hold the hearing aid inside of the ear. These headbands can be thick, sportslike headbands or they can be thin, accessory headbands that match with cute outfits. 

Keep a cleaning kit handy

It is important that you clean your child's cleaning kit on a daily basis. each day, take a few minutes to wipe the hearing aid of moisture and debris, plus check the batteries and the function of the hearing aid. Keep the kit travel-ready in the event that you must take the kit on holiday trips or send it with them when they go to sleepovers. If your child is older or if they have after-school physical activities, they may need to clean it out immediately. Provide your older elementary school student with step by step instructions on how to clean out their hearing and change the battery so that they may do this themselves if the immediate need arises. Most schools will allow a cleaning kit or a battery change kit to be kept at the school health office. 

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