Nursing Beyond the Vital SignsNursing Beyond the Vital Signs

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Nursing Beyond the Vital Signs

Nursing is so much more than simply popping a thermometer in a patient's mouth or recording a blood pressure. In my time as a nurse, I have participated in life saving efforts when time was critical, I have held a mother's hands when her newborn baby was being prepped for surgery, and I have looked into the terrified eyes of an elderly person in pain. Nurses literally go into battle, serving in military operations all over the world. They also learn and implement the latest in medical technology. This blog is to highlight nurses and prove that they deserve respect and appreciation for all that they do.

IV Therapy Can Help Protect Your Health

Your health is your most valuable asset. Without a doubt, you must work hard to keep it in good condition. One convenient tool that can be used to help is IV therapy. IV therapy, or intravenous therapy, is a medical technique used to administer a range of nutrients directly into the bloodstream for near-immediate benefit. If you are searching for ways to help protect your health, learn more about what this therapy offers. 

Quicker Results

Again, IV therapy offers the benefit of near-immediate results. With traditional supplement or nutrition administration, the time between the ingestion of the treatment and its benefits can be long. For example, in the form of an oral tablet, the ingredients must first be released from the capsule, absorbed by the body, and eventually transported into the bloodstream. IV therapy condenses the time for your body to feel the effect of these nutrients because they are injected straight into the bloodstream. 

Underlying Medical Condition Treatment

IV therapy should never be used as an alternative treatment for underlying health conditions, such as a vitamin D deficiency or high blood pressure, but when used in conjunction with a prescribed treatment plan, the therapy may help. For example, certain supplements have shown evidence that supports their ability to help lower blood pressure in certain individuals. For people in this group, occasional IV therapy treatments with these supplements might help them naturally keep their blood pressure levels lower. 

Decreased Illness Risks

During certain parts of the year, especially the colder months, being infected with a cold or flu virus is a common threat. It is not necessarily that these viruses are only active during this time of the year, but changes in the average person's lifestyle, such as less time in the sun soaking up vitamin D, puts people at a greater risk. IV therapy helps in this instance because it can be used to administer fluids that help strengthen the immune system.

Enhanced Mental Health

IV therapy can also help give your mental health a boost. Whether it is pain, a lack of energy, or something else, when your health is not in a good state, it can make your body and mind feel bad. When your mental health is not at its best, it can impact every facet of your life. IV therapy can administer fluids that help combat these health issues so that your body and mind feel better. 

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