Nursing Beyond the Vital SignsNursing Beyond the Vital Signs

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Nursing Beyond the Vital Signs

Nursing is so much more than simply popping a thermometer in a patient's mouth or recording a blood pressure. In my time as a nurse, I have participated in life saving efforts when time was critical, I have held a mother's hands when her newborn baby was being prepped for surgery, and I have looked into the terrified eyes of an elderly person in pain. Nurses literally go into battle, serving in military operations all over the world. They also learn and implement the latest in medical technology. This blog is to highlight nurses and prove that they deserve respect and appreciation for all that they do.

Buying Hearing Aid Features For Your Elementary School Student

Learning that your elementary school student is in need of a hearing aid, means that you will have to take the lead in selection. A child in school may need to have a hearing aid that is different than an adult hearing aid. Elementary school students especially need hearing aids that are easy to use and are highly resistant to moving to being smashed on the playground. Here are some possible features and extras that you should buy with in a hearing aid for your young student. Read More 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting Someone In Palliative Care

Patients in palliative care typically have an in-depth understanding of their illness and the realities of what may be a rather grim health diagnosis. As palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life that the patient has, the ill person will have a team of support, including nurses, caregivers, doctors, social workers, and family members, who rally around the person during this difficult time. When you go to visit someone who is palliative care, remember these essential dos and don'ts to ensure that the visit leaves both you and the patient feeling a bit better. Read More 

Diagnosed With Thecal Sac Tumors? What Are Your Treatment Options?

If you've been suffering from lumbar pain for some time and have recently been diagnosed with tumors of your thecal sac, you may be wondering about your treatment options. While these tumors are relatively uncommon, they have the potential to compress your spinal cord and lead to pain, weakness or even temporary paralysis in your arms or legs. What are your treatment options? Read on to learn more about these tumors, as well as the best ways to eliminate them without compromising your health. Read More 

Things You Didn’t Know Your Local Healthcare Clinic Offered

Healthcare clinics are a place where you can go if you are low-income and need healthcare, and they are able to treat a malady of conditions. From broken arms to pregnancy, healthcare clinics have qualified staff who can meet your needs. These clinics also often provide other services that you may not be aware about. Here are 3 examples: Counseling and rehab Many healthcare clinics have branches of service that include mental healthcare or even rehabilitation for substance and alcohol abuse. Read More 

Learning More About Your Prescription Contact Lenses

Getting used to wearing contact lenses is not as bad as many new wearers think. If you are prescribed contact lenses specifically designed for your vision problem, you will be amazed at the difference in how well you can see. Learning more about contact lenses can help make it easier to wear them and to properly care for them as well. Your Contact Lenses Are Not The Same Prescription As Your Glasses Read More